The integration between ClickFunnels and Thinkific is provided by Zapier. Zapier is a 3rd party software that helps different pieces of software talk to each other. 

Zapier is a paid product, but at the time of writing you can have up to 5 "zaps" on the free package.

Step #1 - Create a Zapier account, if you do not already have one.

Navigate to here: 

Step #2 - Navigate to the "Explore" tab inside your zapier dashboard

Step #3 - Type in and add ClickFunnels and Thinkific in the search box

Step #4 - Connect your accounts from ClickFunnels and Thinkific via the connect button - If you are already logged into these accounts on your browser, sometimes it will connect automatically and other times you will just have to enter your login details

Step #5 - Navigate to the "zaps" tab

Step #6 - Click "Make a New Zap"

Step #7 - First select the ClickFunnels icon and then select "new purchase" and hit "Save + Continue". 

Next test the integration with the "Test" button and hit "Save + Continue" again.

Step #8- Select your sales funnel in ClickFunnels and then the purchase page where people are paying for your course (usually will be your order page) 

Then hit "fetch and continue"


Step #9 - Now select the Teachable icon and then select "Enrol User in Course" and hit "Save + Continue". 

Next test the integration with the "Test" button and hit "Save + Continue" again

Step #10 - Select your online course in Thinkific and then you will need to sync the API information to the right fields.

First select the "First Name" and "Last Name" fields by using the dropdown box.

Then use the same process for the "Email Address" by using the dropdown box and searching for where the email address is on the test zap. 

Leave the "Expiry Date", "Company" and "Password" fields blank.

Then hit "continue"

Step #11 - Now click "Finish", give your zap a name and then slide your new zap to "On". 

Now its all set up and ready to go.

Step #12 - Run a test purchase from this funnel in ClickFunnels and you will start to see new contacts being added to your Thinkific course. Note: The full process can take up to 15mins or so for the contact to appear in Thinkific - Depending on what plan you are on with Zapier. 

If you have any trouble with this please feel free to reach out to us at support.

Happy Funnel Building!

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