The information in this article comes from a post on the ClickFunnels blog by Chris Lang. Make sure that you follow these tips when you start sending emails through your new SMTP account.

Only Mail Your List When You Are Promoting Something

At its core, Gmail's most important algorithms actually predict if your subscribers will open the email. Then Gmail goes on to predict how soon after it arrives, they are historically apt to open it. Attention is king at Gmail, and getting opens and engagement is a big thing that Gmail loves. Mystery copy subject lines and a mix of content and pitch emails is the solution here. Promoting something or not, you have got to get that email opened.

Mobile Email Delivery

Just because you have a really big phone does not mean your readers do, and judging your email mobile quality on your large new device is a big mistake.

If the person opens your email and the text is too small, or you have lots of images that eat data costs up, or it just does not display well? How likely is he or she going to be to open your next email on their phone?"

And this matters because the iPhone 5, a very small screen, can be depending on the niche, 60% of your mobile device readers. Find out for yourself, go to: Google Analytics >>> Audience >>> Mobile >>> Devices… In the left-hand navigation menu.

Use Less Images

Using too many images is a sure fire way to Gmail Promotions. Cut back on those images: Try constructing your emails with one image, and see what happens. Anything in your email is meant to get the reader to do what you want them to do. Ask yourself, if you only had one image to use in an email, would a branding header image be the best use of such? Use your one image to your best affect, and make each one unique and see what happens!

Don't Link To All Your Social Profiles In Every Email

Keep your emails focused and give the reader one way out.

Only Use One Link In You Email

Three links maximum. Two is better. One is best.

Note: If you are using three links that are all the same, that currently seems to be counted as one link. Two links, but from different Domains can send an email to Gmail Promotions Tab.

Offer Whitelisting Instructions

More than a few Email Whitelist Generators exist, use one and host explicit mobile-friendly pages on your site. And offer those instructions via a link on first contact.

Here is an example: Whitelist Generator

Use Only One From Address AND One From Name Text

Yahoo, Google and Gmail especially hate it when you change your from address and from name. In fact, this is the largest spammer footprint there is. And those address books are not just built on the from email address, they are also built on the from name text too, especially Gmail contacts!

Using the same from address for all your new lists and segments means you are going to get it to the inbox right away. Not start all over again with another from address and from text name.

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