What you will need:

  • Clickfunnels Account.

Step 1: ClickFunnels Dashboard Overview

#1. Funnel Steps, Statistics, Contacts, Sales, Settings
#2. Funnel Step URL
#3. Page Settings
#4. Funnel Sequence/Steps
#5. Adding New Steps and "Other Funnel Steps"  
#6. Remove, Delete or Clone Funnel Step
#7. Automation and Publishing Options

Funnel Steps, Statistics, Contacts, Sales and Settings

Funnel Step URL and Split Testing

#1.  Funnel Step URL - traffic sent to this URL will be directed to the funnel step and is used for split testing variations of your pages.

#2. Funnel Step
- the Funnel Step contains the page(s) for this specific funnel step.

#3. Page/Pages in the Funnel Step - each funnel step has the option of either 1 or 2 pages, the Control and Variation.  Traffic sent to the Funnel Step URL will rotate between these 2 pages or forward to the Control page.

#4. Weight of traffic distribution - in this example 80% of the visitors to this Funnel Step go to the "Control Page" and 20% goes to the "Variation".

Step 3: Page Settings

#1. Page Editor - opens the page editor and allows you to customize  your page.

#2. Page Preview
- allows you to preview your page edits in real time without skewing your stats.

#3. Page Settings
- opens page settings and allows you to edit the page name, URL path, delete the page variation and restore the previous 5 versions of the page.

#4. Remove Step From the Funnel - removes this funnel step from the funnel sequence and places it in the "Other Funnel Steps".

#5. Delete the Funnel Step - deletes this step and pages from your funnel.

#6. Clone this Funnel Step - clones this step and pages.

Step 4: Funnel Steps/Sequence

#1. Launch Checklist - a step by step guide to make sure your funnel is ready to launch.

#2. Funnel Steps - top to bottom view of your funnel sequence.  Each page is in the order that your visitors will experience your funnel flow starting at the top page.

#3. Add New Step - add new steps or pages to your funnel.

#4. Other Funnel Steps - additional pages that are not part of your funnel sequence can be found in the Other Funnel Steps menu.

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