When you Add a New Funnel, all of the funnel steps will be automatically created for the funnel type that you have selected. 

After building your funnel, you will still need to select your page templates for each page.

There are a few important rules to understand about Page Types and Page Templates in ClickFunnels.

Please watch the video below and reference the article that follows for further clarification.


Page Types and Why They Are Important

A Page Type indicates the type of page that you are building.

These include:

  • Opt-in Page
  • Thank You Page
  • Sales Page
  • Order Form Page
  • Order Confirmation Page
  • OTO Page
  • OTO Down-sell Page
  • Product Launch Page
  • Webinar Registration Page
  • Webinar Countdown Page
  • Autowebinar Registration Page
  • Autowebinar Confirmation Page
  • Webinar Thank You
  • Webinar Broadcast Room
  • Webinar Replay Room
  • Member Access
  • Membership Area
  • Affiliate Area
  • Affiliate Access
  • ClickPop
  • Misc

Each Page Type Has a Specific Function

It is extremely important to remember that each page type has a very specific function.

An Order Form Page is used for orders.

An Optin Page is used for collecting optins.

It is not recommended that you use an Order Page Type for an Optin Page and vice versa.

There are elements in the Page Editor (See Next Lesson) that are only available on Order Form Pages and certain elements that are only available on Membership Area Pages.

It is crucial that as you are adding pages and selecting page templates, that you respect the appropriate page type.

An Optin Page Template Can Only Be Used With An Optin Page

And a sales page template can only be used with a sales page, and so on.

Because each template has specific elements that are used for each page type, it isn't possible to interchange page templates and page types.

If you select a template for an Order Form Page, you will have an Order Form Page Type.

Selecting Your Page Templates

If you have created a Sales Funnel in the previous lesson, the first thing that you will see will be a screen similar to what is shown below:

There is a lot happening here on this screen, but the only things that you need to be concerned with when adding a template are indicated in the screenshot above.

  1. In this field you can Rename Your Page prior to selecting the page template.
  2. This is where the Page Type is indicated.
  3. Use these buttons to change the Page Type. When you hover over each one, a dropdown menu will appear with more options.
  4. Use this toggle to sort by Top Converting templates.
  5. Use this toggle to view only the Page Templates that you have created.
  6. Search page templates based on keywords, such as "red" or "dark".
  7. Scroll through the available page templates.

As you scroll through the various templates, hover your mouse over each thumbnail and you will be given the option to either (A) Select Template or (B) Preview the one that interests you most.

If you click + Select Template, the template will be applied to your funnel step. 

If you click Preview, you will be taken to the template preview screen.

In the preview screen, you can see what the full template looks like on both desktop and mobile by scrolling the viewport and using the Desktop / Mobile toggle.

  1. Use this option to toggle between Desktop and Mobile previews. 
  2. You can scroll the page for both previews by using your mouse wheel or trackpad.
  3. Click Go Back if you do not want to use this template and you would like to continue looking at other templates. 
  4. Click Use This Template if you want to select the template and have it applied to your funnel step.

    **Please note: if you change your mind after selecting your page templates, you can remove the template, however, any edits you have made to the page will also be removed and will not transfer to a new template.

    It is also important to note that you every page type and template is fully customizable. You can add or remove elements and position them any where you want on the page.

After selecting the Page Template, the page will refresh and you will return to the Funnel Step Overview for the selected Funnel Step.

Creating Pages From Scratch (Advanced Users)

It is possible after you are more experienced with the page editor, to create pages from our blank templates.

Creating Your Own Page Templates

Note that it is also possible to create your own page templates from existing pages in your funnels.

This allows you to quickly replicate your pages across multiple funnels and funnel steps.

See this article to learn how to Create Page Templates

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