What you will need:

  • Clickfunnels Account

STEP ONE: Select "Build new funnel"

When either button action is selected, you will be brought to the Funnel Cookbook selection page

STEP TWO: Select the "Industry" and "Type of Funnel" you desire to create.

The Cookbook Selection page allows you to narrow down your selection based on ""Industry" and "Type of Funnel."

Checking an industry selection will assist you with narrowing down the appropriate funnel to match your needs. The selection of an industry will dynamically remove funnel types that do not apply to your goals.

By selecting "Type of funnel," you will be further prompted to answer what your funnel goals are.

Once you have selected the appropriate Industry, Type of Funnel, and Goal - your next step will be to select the template most appropriate to your goals.

Step Three: Select a Template

On this step, you have the ability to select a funnel template to begin working on. You have the ability to select either a free template or a template that can be purchased from our Clickfunnels Marketplace.

You can ensure that the funnel is appropriate to you by selecting a template and previewing it's layout. Simple Click on one of the templates shown. 

You are able to scroll through an example of the template. If you decide that is right for you, press "Get funnel"

Once "Get Funnel" is selected, the funnel will be propagated into your account and opened within the editor.

You are now ready to get under way with editing and customizing your funnel!

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