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Actionetics Drop Down Menu: The Actionetics drop down menu allows you to create contact lists, upload contact CSV files, create broadcasts, as well as Action Funnels.
Actionetics Knowledge Base can be accessed here.
Learn how to upload contact CSV files here.
Learn how to create email lists here.
Learn how to create email broadcasts here.
Learn how to create Action Funnels here.

Backpack Drop Down Menu:
The Backpack drop down menu allows you to create affiliate programs, monitor affiliate commissions, payouts, create affiliate funnels, and tiers.
Backpack Knowledge base can be accessed here.
Here is an overview of the Backpack dashboard.
How to manage your Backpack Affiliates.
How to create Backpack Commission plans.
How to pay Backpack Affiliates.

Account Drop Down Menu:The account drop down menu has a diverse feature set. The below links will assist you with each individual learning aspect.Learn how to adjust your Account Details here.
Learn about Integrations here.
Learn about Custom domains here.
Learn about Digital Assets here.
Learn about Templates here.
Learn about SMTP settings here.
Learn about Global Unsubscribe here.
Learn about Payment Gateways here.
Learn about Account managers here.

Help Drop down Menu:
The help drop down menu allows you access to the Clickfunnels Knowledge base and to contact support.
Access the knowledge base here
For general inquiries and support, you can click the support icon in the bottom-right corner of this page or email us directly.Monday - Friday, 9:00AM - 9:00PM EST
To send us an email directly, please send it to

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