What you will need:

  • Live Webinar Funnel or Autowebinar Funnel.

Step 1: Add Date and Time for Webinar (live only) 

  • Click on the gear icon for your Webinar Registration page.
  • Select the Webinar Event Time.
  • Click on Update Page.

Step 2: Create CF Automation

  • Select your Webinar Registration step in the funnel.
  • Click on the Automation Tab.
  • Click on Add New Email.
  • Select a template (Actionetics Required)
  • Or click on Edit to edit the email.
  • Merge tags can be added to  the subject line and body of the email.
  • Copy and Paste Merge Tags from below. 

Note: The Merge tags listed below are CASE SENSITIVE.

These merge tags will only work for emails sent from within the funnel automations and NOT Actionetics emails.

#WEBINAR_TITLE# - Inserts the name of the Funnel. This can be updated in the Funnel Settings

#WEBINAR_DATE# - Inserts the autowebinar/webinar date

#WEBINAR_TIME# - Inserts the autowebinar/webinar time

#WEBINAR_DATETIME# - Inserts both the date and time for the autowebinar/webinar

#REPLAY_URL# - Inserts the URL of the autowebinar/webinar Replay Room Page. (May be hyperlinked)

#WEBINAR_LINK# - Inserts the URL of the autowebinar/webinar Broadcast Room Page (May be hyperlinked)

Custom Fields

  •  Select Custom Type from the Input Type drop down.
  •  Enter text into the Custom Type field. (letters and numbers only)

In this example from the screenshot above, the merge tag for the field would be #custom2#

Page Specific Merge Tags

The following merge tags may only be used if the specific page type is in the funnel.

#OFFER_LINK# - Inserts the URL of the Sales Page (May be hyperlinked)

#PRODUCT_THANK_YOU_PAGE# - Inserts the URL of the Product Thank You Page that is selected in the Product settings under the Fulfillment Email tab (May be hyperlinked)

#ORDER_CONFIRMATION_PAGE# - Inserts the URL of the Order Confirmation Page (May be hyperlinked)

If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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