When you try to change the URL in ClickFunnels, let it be Funnel Step URL, Page Split-Test Settings URL or Funnel URL, it has to be unique. If it is not unique, the system will automatically add random letters and digits to it to make it unique.

For instance, you can see how you try to change the funnel step path here:

You can see that it added some symbols at the end of it. It happened because the path "ClickFunnels" is used for another funnel step in that account, which means that is it not unique.

In order for the system not to add those numbers, you will have to come up with a unique path for that page.

You can see an example of adding a unique path below:

In that example the path was not used in any other funnel step, so no additional symbols were added. If you make the path unique, the system will not add any letters or numbers at the end of it.

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