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If you have integrated your Email Autoresponder with your ClickFunnels page, but the leads aren’t showing up in your account, please take the following things into consideration.

  • Make sure that the only field that is set to required is the Email field. This applies to your Autoresponder settings as well as your ClickFunnels settings.

  • Ensure that the email integration was completed successfully. All of the fields for your email integration in the page editor must be completed or else the integration won’t function properly.

  • Check that your Autoresponder has been integrated correctly in your account settings.

  • Double-check that you have a webform/signup form for your corresponding list in your autoresponder. (This is required for most autoresponders.)

  • Verify that your submit button is using the #submit-form action and not linking directly to the next page.

  • Allow up to five minutes for leads to show up in your account.

  • For MailChimp and Active Campaign, please make sure that your merge fields are set to the default fields.

  • Make sure that your autoresponder supports the fields that you are trying to use

  • Check each field to make sure that a "Field Type" has been assigned. The form will not submit if there are input fields that have not been assigned a Field Type.

  • If you are using custom fields, make sure that you are not using any symbols in the custom field name (including, but not limited: - _ / : ; ) ( % ! # @ $ & *)

If you are still having issues with your Autoresponder, please contact support.

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