In this article, you will learn how to setup your first sales funnel, test it using a test credit card, and then make it live so you can immediately accept sales.

Create Sales Funnel

To create your first sales funnel, click + Create Funnel at the top of ClickFunnels in any view outside the editor. Once there, select Sales Funnel on the left and then click the green + Create Funnel.

Name the Funnel

When you create a funnel you will first need to give it a name for your reference, and it is always good to add a group tag. Group tags help keep all your funnels organized.

Choose the Template You Want for Each Step

Now that you have created your new Sales Funnel, you will need to go through each step of the funnel and select the template you want to use for each page. Keep in mind that you can always change a template at any time, but please realize that you will lose any edits that you have made.

Edit the Look and Content of All Your Templates with the Editor

After you have selected your templates, open each page in the editor to change the content to fit your message and sales process. Keep in mind that certain pages, like the Order Form and Order Confirmation pages, are templates that dynamically add content for certain areas based on the product(s) you add in the next step.

Add a Product to Your Order Form Page

After you have your content setup, click the Order Form page on the left in the Funnel View and go to the Products/Sales tab on the right, and then click + Add Product down below.

Name Your Product and Set the Cost

When you click + Add Product you will need to name your product, select your billing integration, and set the price. For this example we will be using Stripe. For One Time Payments you can create the product directly inside of ClickFunnels. For Subscription based products, you will first need to log into your Stripe account and set up the subscription. Once the subscription is setup inside of Stripe, you can select which subscription you want using the New Product window, as shown below.

Write a Fulfillment E-mail

Next you will want to write your Fulfillment E-mail. This is the e-mail your customer will receive as soon as they purchase your product. Make sure not to delete the Merge tag as it will dynamically create a link to your product thank you page.

Activate Your Integrations (only if shipping a physical product (like CDs and DVDs))

If you're shipping physical products, you can integrate directly with Kunaki or Disc Delivered. For more information on how to integrate these into your account, see our articles at:

Once you're done, click Create Product and your product will be added to your Order Form.

Get Your Order Form Page Link

Before you can test anything, you need to get your Order Form link to attach it to the Buy Button on your Sales Page.

Set Buy Button Link On Sales Page to Link to Order Form Page

Open the editor for your Sales Page and access the settings for your Buy Button. Paste your Order Form URL into the URL / Action field, then save your Sales Page.

Setup Product Specific Thank You Page

When you added the product to your Order Form it automatically created a Product Specific Thank You page that will be used to deliver your product. Choose your template and edit the page so your customers can download their product, or receive confirmation that they will be receiving what they ordered if you're shipping a physical product.

Go To Funnel Settings To Enable Test Mode

Now to test out your funnel.. While in Funnel View, in the upper righthand corner, click the gear icon to Edit Funnel so you can put your funnel in test mode.

Enable Test Mode and Test Purchase Your Product

Towards the bottom of the window that opens, you will see a checkbox for Test Mode. Enable it and use the info to go through your funnel and test each step. After your testing is successful, remember to disable Test Mode so you can receive real paying customers.

Important Note: Test mode only works when using Stripe payment integration. If using another payment integration, you will need to set it up with your chosen payment processor.

Congratulations, Your First Sales Funnel Is Setup!

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