If you haven't yet setup your sales funnel, please see this article here:
Setup Your First Sales Funnel

Add a Page to Your Funnel

The first thing you will need to do is add a new step to your funnel. 

While in Funnel View, on the left side, under all your Funnel Steps, you will see a button that says + Add New Step. Click that button to add a new step.

Set Up Your New Funnel Step

  1. Set the name of your funnel set
  2. Designate the page path
  3. Make sure that Show In Funnel? is set to Yes
  4. Click Create Funnel Step

Select the Correct Page Type

For upsells and downsells, you will have to use one of the OTO page types. 

There are two types of OTO templates:

  1. One Click Upsell (OTO)
  2. One Click Downsell

When selecting your template, make sure that you select the One Click Upsell (OTO) page type for your Upsell pages and One Click Downsell for your Downsell pages.

The OTO Upsell Page Type is a standard 1-Click Upsell page. 

Your customers won't have to enter their info again, as soon as they click the Yes button they will be charged and have access to your product.

The OTO Downsell Page is added after an OTO Page and will be shown when someone clicks a "No Thank You" link (#no-link). 

If someone takes advantage of the OTO Upsell, the OTO Downsell Page will be skipped.

The OTO Downsell Page can often be used to offer a payment plan for the OTO, or a smaller version of your product for less money.

Choose Your Template

Once you've chosen your Funnel Step type (OTO Page or OTO Downsell Page), select the template you want to use.

Add the Page to the Funnel Flow

In order for this page to actually act as an upsell/downsell it needs to be a part of your funnel. 

Make sure you drag your OTO funnel step to the correct spot in your funnel flow. 

Your One Click Upsell Page must come after an Order Form Page in order to function correctly. 

An One Click Downsell Page must come after an One Click Upsell  Page in order to function correctly. 

**You can add multiple One Click Upsell Pages to your funnel and multiple One Click Downsell pages to your funnel. Also you can have multiple OTO pages one after another:

Add a Product to the Upsell/Downsell Page

This is similar to how you initially added a product to your Order Form page when you Setup Your First Sales Funnel

You should go to "Products" tab, click on "Add product" and create there your product! Please note, that for Upsell/Downsell pages you should choose only One Time product. 

Edit Your Upsell/Downsell Page

Edit the price displayed on the page, as this is not dynamic.

Also, please make sure not to edit the links for the Button, Yes link, and No link, at the bottom of the page. If for some reason, the links get messed up, they are:


For your Yes link, you should choose "1 - click - upsell - name of your product " button action:

For No link you should choose "No link - don't buy Upsell" button action:

If your visitor clicks on the #no-link, and a OTO Downsell Page is immediately after the OTO Upsell page, then your visitor will be taken to the OTO Downsell Page.

If your visitor is on the OTO Downsell Page and selects either a #yes-link or #no-link action, they will always be brought to the next step in your funnel.

Adding a Second Product to Your Upsell Page

With the OTO (upsell) page you also have the option to add a second product. 

This would allow you to offer an "either/or" upsell option on your OTO page. Customers would only be able to select one of the two options.

This is useful for offering a payment plan on your OTO or offering a separate product altogether. 

In order to set this up, you will need to add two products to your OTO page on the page dashboard. 

Please make a note of which product you set up first and which one is second.

You would then place two buttons on the page itself: for the first product you should choose "1 - click - upsell - name of your first product" and for the button for the second product you should choose "1 - click - upsell - name of your second product".

The respective product will be added to the customers order when the button is clicked. 

You will also still need to have the #no-link somewhere on the page as well:

Congratulations, You Have Set Up an Upsell for Your Sales Funnel!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support team by emailing support@clickfunnels.com or by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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