You can use almost any ClickFunnels page as a ClickPop. However, there are specific ClickPop templates that are already designed.

The ClickPop is intended to be used either on external websites as an optin form or on your ClickFunnels pages as an additional popup.

The ClickFunnels ClickPop feature can be used as:

  • Entry Pop
  • Exit Pop
  • Time Delay Pop
  • And of course, a ClickPop

What Are the Settings Options For the ClickPop?

In order to get the ClickPop code, you have to locate the Publishing Tab of the Funnel Step you're working with and click on the Get ClickPop Code tab. 

After that, you'll see a Pop Up like this:

Display Settings

You can choose whether you want to have your ClickPop call to action be a text link or an image link.

You can also choose to have neither. To do this, all you have to do is delete the text in between the <a></a> tags

If you choose to not have it display and be used as a ClickPop, you would need to make sure that you have a time delay, mouse exit trigger, or both.

For advanced users, you can also integrate this code with an existing button on your site.

Additional Infromation

ClickPops can also be used on your ClickFunnels Pages, e.g. How To Setup Two Different Webinar Registrations on the Same Page Using ClickPops.

There are a couple ways you can add a ClickPop Code to your page:

When placing the code is a JS/HTML element make sure you set it to "3rd party embed codes"

If you have any questions, feel free to reach to our support team for help!

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