In this article, you will learn how to:

  • setup your first membership funnel,
  • add content to your members area,
  • restrict access based on products purchased,

Please see this article to learn how to test the registration process for the members area.

Create Membership Funnel

To create your first membership funnel, click + Create Funnel at the top of ClickFunnels in any view outside the editor. Once there, select Membership Funnel on the left and then click the green + Create Funnel.

Name the Funnel

When you create a funnel you will first need to give it a name for your reference, and it is always good to add a group tag. Group tags help keep all your funnels organized.

Choose the Template You Want for Each Step

Now that you have created your new Membership Funnel, you will need to go through each of the two funnel steps and select the template you want to use for each page. Keep in mind that you can always change a template at any time, but please realize that you will lose any edits that you have made.

Edit the Look and Content of All Your Templates with the Editor

After you have selected your templates, open each page in the editor to change the layout for your members area. Keep in mind that these templates have a few dynamic elements that will automatically add content for certain areas based on the lesson sections and individual lessons you will add in the next step.

Add Lesson Sections and Lessons

After you have your layout set up, click the Add New Lesson Section. Once you have your sections, click Add New Lesson to add the content to your members area.

Name Your Lesson Section and Optionally Limit Content Access

When you add a Lesson Section you need to give it a name. Then you can also protect it and give access only to people who have bought a certain product or products through your Sales Funnel.

Name Your Lessons

When you add a Lesson, first choose what section it will be under, and then give it a name. Next, choose which template you want to use. For most of your content you will choose Video Lesson for the template. And finally, you can choose when you would like this content to become available to your members, either immediately, or after a certain number of days from when they signed up (drip delay).

Edit Your Lesson Content

Once you've added the lessons, you can click on Open Editor next to each lesson to edit the content. Just like the normal editor you can add, hide and remove elements as needed.

Congratulations, Your First Membership Funnel Is Now Set Up!

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