IMPORTANT: Please read this guide from A to Z to understand how automated webinars work and how to configure them properly.

On your ClickFunnels dashboard, click the Add New funnel button. 

Select Host Webinar by clicking the Choose button. 

Select Webinar Replay by clicking the Choose button.

Name your funnel and set or select a Group Tag (optional) and then click the Build Funnel button. 

Please select funnel templates for each of the Auto Webinar Funnel Steps, first we will select template for Auto Webinar Registration Funnel Step.

Now we will select funnel template for Webinar Countdown

After we've picked a template for Webinar Countdown, we need to select template for Webinar Broadcast Room

Then we need to select template for Webinar Replay Room

All 4 funnel steps (Auto Webinar Registration, Webinar Countdown, Webinar Broadcast Room and Webinar Replay Room) are recommended to be present in your funnel at all time.

Here's short video how's everything created

We're half way there!

Now we need to edit the Webinar Broadcast Room and Webinar Replay Room with the correct URL of our video.

First, we're going to edit the video in our Webinar Broadcast Room.

To do that we need to edit the page in our awesome Page Builder

Then, we need to click on the Video element and adjust the settings based on where our video is hosted.

After that, we just save the funnel step.

Now, we are going to do the same for our Webinar Replay Room, this is the funnel step that will be displayed to your contacts if they choose to watch the webinar replay.

Again, we will open the funnel step with the Page Builder.

And edit the video element per our preference

We are going to save this funnel step as well, and that's it!

You have now fully functional automated webinar!

All automated webinar funnels come with pre-set Automations that you can edit at any time. 

If you don't have a SMTP configuration in place, our system will automatically use our SMTP provider to send emails for you. This is only available for the Automated Webinar Funnels.

If you wish to edit the Automations, please go to your Auto Webinar Registration funnel step, and click on Automation

After that you will see all the automation emails configured for the automated webinar. You can customize them by clicking on the Edit button.

You can configure automations based on the contacts actions such as:

  1. Everyone who signed up (Everyone)
  2. Signed up but missed the webinar (Missed Webinar)
  3. Started watching the webinar but exited before the offer was presented (Attended but missed offer)
  4. Saw the offer, but decided not to purchase (Saw Offer But Didn't Purchase)
  5. If your contact has purchased the offer (Purchased)

If you want to learn more on how to embed videos in your funnel, please take a look at these awesome guides

  1. Embedding a Wistia Video
  2. Embedding a Vimeo Video
  3. Embedding an Easy Video Suite Video
  4. Embedding a YouTube Video

IMPORTANT: You can choose any template or funnel name you want per your preference. The blue arrows are highlighting just one option of many available.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support team by emailing or by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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