If you would like to receive notifications when a user opts in or places an order in your funnels, follow the steps outlined below.

Note: In order to use email notifications, you will need to first setup your SMTP integration in your account settings.

Add New Action

  1. First, click on the Automation tab on the appropriate funnel step.

  2. Next, click on + Add New Action

Configure the Notification Action

  1. Give the action a name

  2. Set the appropriate condition (Everyone for opt-ins, Purchased for orders).

  3. Set as Email Notification

  4. Enter the email to receive the notifications.

    Only enter one email address. If you want multiple email addresses to receive notifications, set up a new action for each email address.

  5. Click Create Funnel Action

Please take note that notification emails WILL also include information entered in custom fields and surveys on your ClickFunnels pages.

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