In this article you will learn how to duplicate a funnel, and how to share a funnel with other ClickFunnels members.

How To Duplicate A Funnel

Step 1: Bring up the funnel you would like to duplicate, and then click on the Settings tab which will open the funnels settings.

Step 2: Then, you'll want to click on Clone Funnel which will then create a duplicate of the funnel.

Step 3: Once the funnel has been successfully duplicated, you can then go back to your main dashboard and you'll be able to see the duplicate funnel.

NOTE: All duplicate funnels will start with 'Copy Of' then whatever the name of your funnel is. 

How To Share A Funnel


Step 1: Bring up the funnel you would like to share with other ClickFunnels members and click on the Settings tab.

Step 2: Once inside the settings area, you'll want to click on Share Funnel.

Step 3: Next, simply copy the share URL and send that URL to those who you would like to share the funnel with, keeping in mind those you share the URL with should have an active ClickFunnels account and be logged into their account at the time of sharing.

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