One of the important statistics to pay attention to in your funnel is the funnel progress indicator.

This indicator is the percentage located next to the name of each funnel step.

Many times there is confusion about what this percentage means.

One of the most common misconceptions is that it indicates how complete your funnel step is prior to launch. This isn't the case.

This percentage actually indicates what percentage of visitors (of those who started on the first funnel step) made it to that specific funnel step.

Because of this, the first funnel step will always equal 100%.

If your second funnel step says 67%, that means that 67% of the visitors to the first step in your funnel, made it to the second step in your funnel.

This can be a very powerful tool to see how far into your funnel users are making it.

Resetting The Funnel Progress Indicators

In order to reset the Funnel Progress Indicators, all you need to do is shuffle your funnel steps around. You will receive a popup that asks you to confirm. Click OK.

This will not reset your main funnel stats, just the sidebar percentages.

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