This article will help if you:

  • Want to create an account for your membership area.
  • Reach the login screen when you want to create a new member account.
  • Would like to provide access to your product to someone without a purchase.
  • Certain words in the path could cause your visitors to leave before viewing your page.

Page Type:   Membership Area

Why Can I Only Reach the Login Screen? 

Inside your membership area funnel step, you will see the main control page of your funnel.  The links on this page control access to your membership area where your content is protected from access by anyone who does not have a member account.

Which Link Do I Send for a New Member?

Anyone who makes a purchase will receive the Secret Sign Up URL in an email.  That person will click on that link and see the Create Account Screen, which looks like this:

The email address used for the purchases must be used to create the account to access the membership area.  ClickFunnels tracks purchases and provides access to the materials tied to each product on your order form.

Membership Area Header:

The only way to reach your ‘Create Account’ screen is by using the ‘Secret Sign up URL’.  Anyone who purchases from you will receive an email with this link.  Other people should rarely be given access to your site with this URL.

To provide added protection for your site, you will want to change this URL at regular intervals.

Test Your Membership Site:

  • Copy this Secret Sign Up URL and then paste it into your browser window.
  • Create a new account and then use those credentials to login to your membership site.
  • Access to the sections of your Membership site is matched to the purchases attached to the email address.
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