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Why use an Upsell / Downsell Page?

Your customers won't have to enter their info again, as soon as they click the Yes button they will be charged and have access to your product.

Important Notes:

  • If someone takes advantage of the OTO Upsell, the OTO Downsell Page will be skipped.
  • The OTO Upsell Page Type is a standard 1-Click Upsell page.
  • The OTO Downsell Page is added after an OTO Page and will be shown when someone clicks a "No Thank You" link (#no-link).¬†

Step One: Add a Upsell / Downsell Page to Your Funnel

  • Select Add New Step

Set Up Your New Funnel Step

  • Set the name of your funnel set
  • Designate the page path
  • Make sure that Show In Funnel? is set to Yes
  • Click Create Funnel Step

Two Three: Select the Correct Page Type

For upsells and downsells, you will have to use one of the OTO page types. 

There are two types of OTO templates:

  • One Click Upsell (OTO)
  • One Click Downsell

Step Four: Choose Your Template

  • Select your desired template¬†

Step Five: Add the Page to the Funnel Flow

  • Place Upsell or Downsell after your order page
  • They will not function unless they are placed after an order page in the funnel flow

**You can add multiple One Click Upsell Pages to your funnel and multiple One Click Downsell pages to your funnel. Also you can have multiple OTO pages one after another:

Step Six: Setting up your Upsell / Downsell Products

Click here to learn how to add products to your Upsell / Downsell funnel steps.

If you require further assistance, you can click the support icon in the bottom-right corner of this page.

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