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What you will need:

  • The custom codes below are only available for those who have a Funnel University Membership.

Below are brief descriptions of each FunnelU Code offered within the FunnelU membership.

CF CheckButton: Adds a required checkbox before your button sub-text to add a confirmation of terms.

CF Promo Code: Enables users to create a promotion offer or code for a specific product or products.

Edit CF Page Bookmarklet: A button that creates a bookmark that allows you to enter into your editor directly through a page URL.

CF USA Only Shipping Hidden: Defaults the US as your shipping country and does not allow selection of other countries and hides selector

CF USA Only Shipping Disabled: Defaults the US as your shipping country and does not allow selection of other countries and disables selector

CF UTM Term Replacer: This script allows you to replace UTM terms to assist with identifying keyword traffic

CF Member Nav: This script enables your customers to press a button "next lesson" to transition to the next lesson of a membership area.

CF URL Email Replacer:  Enables user to append email address to url parameters to populate email address inside an external link such as a survey.

CF Customer Info Replacer:  Enables user to dynamically load customer information into confirmation page.

CF Cookie Timed Button: Enables a user to hide a button to for a set duration before it is shown.

CF Best Seller Highlight: Script enables user to highlight one of their products on an order form.

CF Rearrange Products: Allows user to rearrange their products within their order form.

CF Add To Calendar: Allows a user the ability to add a webinar date to your calendar such as ical, google calendar, or Microsoft outlook.

CF Remove Expiry Years: Enables user to remove previous credit card expiry years prior to present.

CF URL Keyword Replace: Enables user to append url parameters and insert them into the content of a page.

CF Select Default: Enables a user to change the default product selected

CF Bump Image: Enables a user to add an image for their bump product.

CF Split Full Name: Use this add-on to split the Full Name field on the 2 Step Order form into a First Name and Last Name field.

CF 2 Step Track Lead: Use this add-on to fire the track Lead Facebook pixel event when a user clicks the submit button on step 1 of a 2 step order form.

CF Member Scroll To Content: Use this add-on in your members area to automatically scroll the user back to the top of your content whenever they click on a link in your member navigation.

Funnel U Funnel Hacked: How to create a 2 payment option order form and select appropriate product to process sale.

CF Cart Mode: Allows user to add quantity to multiple products to the same order.

CF Multiple OTOs: Enables user to utilize more than 2 OTO offers on an OTO page.

CF Lesson Links: Enables a user to link directly to a specific lesson within a membership area.

CF State Selector: Replace any Billing State or Shipping State text fields with a dropdown select box.

CF Multiple Product Script: Enable your customer to buy multiple products in the same order by having checkboxes on the order form instead of radio buttons.

CF Same Billing: Enables users to add a "Same Billing Address" checkbox to your ClickFunnels order forms.

CF Order Summary: Works in conjunction with the CF Cart mode script to give accurate summary of purchases.

CF FB Total Track:  Enables user to fire a Facebook pixel Standard Purchase Event and sends the order total amount to Facebook for conversion tracking.

CF Toggle On Product: Enables user to swap out images based on product selected on order form.

Magic Member Nav: Enables user to create a lesson navigation interface that links directly to a specific lesson.

CF International Shipping: Enables user to set domestic and international shipping costs that update depending on country selected.

CF Multiple Bumps: Enables user to have multiple order bumps on their order page.

CF Promo Code Pro: Enables user to create multiple tiers of promotional codes that can effect multiple products on an order form.

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