The Abandoned Cart Saver feature of ClickFunnels can be activated on the Order Form Page of the sales funnel. Please follow the steps below to set up your abandoned cart recovery campaign.

Step One - SMTP Settings

The first step is to ensure that the SMTP Settings are set up correctly. 

Setting Up SMTP Settings in ClickFunnels

Step Two - Create Email

After the SMTP Settings are correct, navigate to the Sales Funnel and then to the Order Form Page.

On the Order Form page, click on the Automation Tab, and then click + Add New Email

Email Settings

On the first tab of the Create New Email Window are the Email Settings.

  • Fill in the From Name
  • Fill in the Subject.
  • Select the correct SMTP Configuration (if you have multiple ones)
  • Set the Condition to saw page but didn’t purchase

Next, you have to create your Email. If you're on a $97 plan, you'll have access to the Plain HTML Email Editor. On the $297 plan, you'll have access to the Advanced Email Editor.

Plain HTML Email Editor

Advanced Email Editor

You can also use Merge Tags inside your Automation Emails. See this article about using Email Merge Tags in ClickFunnels.

On the second tab set the Email Delay.

This is important to set correctly or else everyone will receive the abandoned cart message and not just those who have abandoned their cart. This may be set to be any number of days or hours and will determine when the Abandoned Cart Email will be sent.

  • 1 Day = 1 (DELAY DAYS)
  • 3 Hours = 3 (DELAY HOURS)

To set a certain number of minutes enter this as a decimal in the Delay Hours field.

  • 30 Minutes = .5
  • 15 Minutes = .25
  • 10 Minutes = .1667

Step Three - Save

After filling in the Email Delay settings, click Create Email and the Abandoned Cart Saver Email is ready to go.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach to our support team for help!

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