In order to send out emails from your ClickFunnels pages, please follow the steps below.

In order to complete this tutorial, your SMTP settings must be completely set up and verified.

Please see these articles for more information:

SMTP Settings Overview

Getting Started

1. Select the appropriate page to add your emails.

2. Click the Automation tab

3. Click + Add New Email

Email Settings

1. Type the From Name for your email

2. Type the Subject of your email

3. Set the Condition of the email (explained below)

4. Write the Body of your email

5. Select your Email Delay

6. Create Email

Email Editor

a) Toggle the view between WSYIWIG and editing the HTML.

b) Select your paragraph type (h1, h2, p, etc)

c) Bold Text

d) Italicized Text

e) Strikethrough Text

f) Unordered List (Bullet Points)

g) Order List (Numbers)

h) Outdent Text

i) Indent Text

j) Add an Image

k) Embed a Video

l) Insert a table

m) Insert a link

n) Text Alignment

o) Add a divider (horizontal rule)

Setting an Email Delay

1. Set the number of Days before the email should be sent.

2. Set the number of Hours before the email should be sent.

3. Create Email

Email Conditions

  1. Everyone

    This means that the email will send to everyone who is a contact. A contact is someone who has an email address that has been added via optin or order. If you have an email set to send to Everyone on a sales page that follows an optin page, it will send to everyone who lands on that page, even if there is another optin form on the sales page.

  2. Missed Webinar (Autowebinar Only)

    This will be sent to those who did not click the link in the Autowebinar Emails

  3. Attended But Missed Offer (Autowebinar Only)

    This will be sent to anyone who attended the webinar, but did not stay past the designated "offer time" in the Autowebinar page settings.

  4. Saw Offer But Didn't Purchase (Order Pages Only)

    This will send to anyone who is a known contact and lands on the order form page, but does not purchase. It is highly recommended to set a delay on this email, otherwise it will send to everyone who lands on the Order Page.

  5. Purchased (Order Pages Only)

    This will send to anyone who has purchased.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please submit a support ticket at or email

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