Actionetics eMail Automation

In this article we are going to go over the Automation Settings for Actionetics.

Step 1. Select the Page you wand your automation to start on, in this example we are using a standard optin page.

Step 2. Select the Automation Tab

Each page in your sequence has the option to "Create a New Action", "Add a New Email" or add a "SMS Text" to your automation.

Step 3: Select "Add New Email"

Now you will create the email "Frome Name", "Subject" and "Template" for your email and select "Create New Email"

Step 4. Set your Delay

Your email can be send immediately, or delay by days and hours.

Step 4.1 Select Email Delay

IMPORTANT NOTE: The delay is triggered from the initial optin, meaning each email delay has to be set based off the time they were added to the automation, not the previous email.

For example: if you want to send a series of 3 emails of the period of 3 days after a person opts into my form. You will need to set up a Delay of 1 day for the first email, 2 days for the 2nd and 3 days for the third.

Step 5. Select "Open Editor" to edit your email

Step 5: Setting up your email

Edit your "Pre-Header" add any "Images" "Headlines", "Buttons" "Social shares" and your "Text Content"


TIP: The Pre Header text is the part of your email that will show up in the description when a person sees your email in their inbox. Make sure it has a powerful call to action.

Edit Button Settings

Setting your "top margin", "button color", and "text" for your button and most important, Add the "Button Link"

Editing Your Image settings

Note the "Image URL" is the url for your Image, you can place any Image URL in this space to produce the image. The "Link URL" is the destination you want to send your subscriber to when they click on the Image in your email.

You have now successfully set up your email Action. If you have any other questions or concerns, please submit a support ticket at

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