With certain events happening, there has been an increase in interest around beefing up certain features that will assist in helping you improve certain privacy policy features (see full list at the bottom of the page including updates). While we can in no way offer legal advice, nor features that will automatically update your business to be compatible with local or international laws or regulations, it might be something to help you implement new tools.

There is a lot of discussion about wanting to add a Checkbox Element to your funnels. We have a really clean and streamlined walkthrough on how to add a checkbox element to your funnels that can be located here. This will give you the step-by-step instructions to start implementing elements to help with confirmations with your audience.

Also, please note that any disclaimers, notices of information, or any kind of conveyance of information that you would like to provide for your customers can be added in a text block with just a few clicks.

Actionetics is a very robust and powerful tool at our customers’ disposal that can help them with a multitude of various tasks. One such task is the ability for our customers to segment their customer list with smart lists. This way, you will be able to segment your customers or leads by who has and has not landed on certain pages, such as a double opt-in confirmation page or who live in certain areas. This is one of the many practical ways that Actionetics can help you divide and organize your lists. You can find out more information about smart lists in Actionetics here! and some options around creating double opt-in behavior here: http://docs.clickfunnels.com/other/how-to-setup-a-email-double-opt-in-confirmation-process

Lastly, we are able to process requests for the deletion and removal of personal information by contacting compliance@clickfunnels.com for more information and assistance.

If you need our Data Protection Agreement (DPA), please visit our General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) terms and navigate to the bottom of the page for the link. You can find the link to the ClickFunnels terms here!

At ClickFunnels, we are working hard to develop and release cutting edge features that will help you and your Funnels stay at the top of your game. When we are ready to release and launch more features, we will happily notify our customers so they can start implementing these new tools right away.

We will certainly be updating this article with further features as they roll out for our customers. 

Please note that the tools listed may be useful for anyone attempting to satisfy demands made by the current release of the General Data Protection Regulation. While these tools are useful, they are by no means professional legal advice on how to become compliant with the GDPR, nor will the addition of these features make a business compliant with the GDPR. These are simply tools at your disposal when building a Funnel.


We have 3 major Privacy Protection Features coming out in the next couple weeks... Privacy Cookie warning popup option, Filtering based on EU location (ex: email all people in US with single opt-in and only people in EU with double opt-in), also a feature for mass deleting PII data for contacts you wish to no longer communicate with*

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