What free training resources are available for Clickfunnels Users? 

Clickfunnels Game

Where do I begin learning how to optimize my Clickfunnels experience?

  • That's easy! The Clickfunnels game.

Why do I want to play the game? 

  • Get a hands on learning experience empowering yourself to understand and optimize the tools that can help grow your business
  • There is a FREE T-shirt you can earn by playing.
     (Have we mentioned it's really comfortable? Oh, it is.)

You can find the Clickfunnels Game on your main Clickfunnels dashboard. The game walks you through all the necessary components of creating your first funnel.

Clickfunnels Knowledge Base

Our Knowledge base is one of the best tools an individual can utilize to find methods to preform the individual tasks they desire.

But, if the Knowledge Base is here why should I play the game first? 

  • Good question! The Clickfunnels Game helps you understand what you may need, and a little more of the verbiage used within Funnel creation. 
  • Knowing what you're looking for makes the hunt that much easier

Our knowledge base has a great expanse of information ranging from integrating an external Domain, SMTP Services, Autoresponders, webinar platforms, and much much more. Take a peek! 

Clickfunnels Support

Already check the above resources and not seeing what you need? Feel free to open a support ticket. Please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

Other resources:

Looking to gain training on Affiliate programs? Check out our Affiliate Bootcamp here: https://affiliatebootcamp.com/retire-in-100

Looking for one on one coaching? Check out our Clickstart program here:
https://cfclickstart.com/getin *This is a paid program 

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