Rows contain multiple or just one column. You can choose from a variety of different rows with different column layouts. Rows function as a way give your landing pages layout.

Click on "Add Row" at the top menu bar or from the "+" from below another row to add a new element to the page.

Choose a Column Block Type

Columns allow you to control the layout for different elements on your page. Choose a column block style and click on it or drag it onto the page.

1 Column Block

2 Column Block

3 Column Block

4 Column Block

5 Column Block

6 Column Block

Left Sidebar Column Block

Right Sidebar Column Block

Column Settings

Top Margin – Add space on the top of your element.

BG – Choose from your own graphics or use the pre-loaded BG images. 

Text Color – Choose the color of the text.

Width % - Move the slider or enter a number in the box to adjust the width of the row.

Align - Select the alignment. Left, Center, or Right.

Padding – Change the Top and Bottom padding sizes individually. Control the Left / Right padding together.

Select "Advanced" to Add Styles and Animation to your element.

Select "Styles".

Corner Radius – Choose the size of the rounded corners. (5px - 150px)

Borders – Add a full border, just the top and bottom or just on the top or bottom.

Drop Shadow – Choose No Shadow, Drop Shadow, or Inner Shadow. (5%-40%)

Select "Animation".

Timed Delay: 

  1. Fade In
  2. Fade In with Scale


  1. On Page Load - When the page has loaded (after any delay that you have set).
  2. On Page Scroll (becomes visible) - When the visitor scrolls down on the page (after any delay that you have set).

If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by emailing or by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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