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** Please note, This is NOT an SMTP service. **

This article will assist you with verifying your domain and email set up to utilize Gsuite as your Email Host Service. This article will demonstrate setting up your Gsuite through a Clickfunnels purchased domain.
This MUST be done via the manual set up.

Step One: Enter the Manual Setup. 

Step Two: Enter Admin Console

Step Three: Start Setup Process

Step Four: Verify Your Domain

Step five: Select "Add A domain Host Record" from the drop down list.

  • Open your Clickfunnels Custom domains tab. 
  • Expand your DNS zone record area for the domain you wish to integrate.
  • Click "I have successfully logged in"
  • Click "I have opened the control panel for my domain"
  • Select TXT from the Drop down menu. 
  • Place the "@" symbol in the Name input.
  • Paste the value from Gsuite into the Value input. 
  • Save the new record. 
  • Within Gsuite Click "I have created the TXT Record"

Step Six: Set up Email

  • Click "Set up Email"
  • Ensure you are still within your DNS Zone Records Tab. 
  • You will be adding 5 MX records to your domain. 
  • Add the records provided within your Gsuite account Example Below

*** Note - you will NOT be setting a priority ***

Here is a demonstration of adding a the first MX record from the above list. Ensure you Copy and Paste the Values utilizing Control+C and Control+V on PC or Command+C and Command+V on a Mac. 

  • select "I have created MX records with these values."
  • validate the MX records.
  • You can also check your MX records by typing "MX records" into the gsuite search bar. 

Your Gsuite for Email Host serving is now set up. You can send yourself a test email from a different account to test deliverability.

Set Up Complete

If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page

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