What you will need: 

  • A Gsuite Account
  • A Domain registered through ClickFunnels

**Please note: this article is intended to teach you how to setup a new email to use with your custom ClickFunnels domains. If you already have a Gsuite account, please check out this article on connecting Gsuite with ClickFunnels.**

Step One: Setup Your New Gsuite Account

  • Visit https://gsuite.google.com/.
  • Once there, click the "Get Started" button. 
  • Enter your Business Name.
  • Enter the Number of Employees.
  • Choice your Country from the dropdown.
  • Click "Next."
  • Enter your First Name.
  • Enter your Last Name.
  • Enter your Email Address.
  • Click "Next."
  • On the next page, click "Yes, I Have One I Can Use.
  • Enter Your Business's Domain Name.
  • Click "Next.
  • Enter a Username and Password.
  • Confirm the Recaptcha checkbox. 
  • Click "Agree and Continue."
  • Review your details and click "Next."
  • Enter your Address information.
  • Enter your contact name and Phone Number.
  • Enter your Payment Information
  • Click "Next.

Step Two: Connect Gsuite with Your ClickFunnels Domain

Learn how to setup your Gsuite account with your ClickFunnels Domain

If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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