Please follow the steps in this article to add contacts to your ZenPlanner account from ClickFunnels.

You will need to make sure that you have first set up your programs inside of ZenPlanner before you complete this process.

Step 1:

Go to ZenPlanner Setup

Step 2:

Click on Registration Options, and then select the program to which you will be adding contacts

Step 3:

Make sure that you have checked the box next to "Add a prospect form....".

Select the fields that you wish to collect on your form. You will need to have corresponding fields on your ClickFunnels page. Please note that this method does not support collecting "Gender"

Click on the "Confirmation" tab

Step 4:

Select the "Forward to Another Web Page" option

Paste the URL of your ClickFunnels Thank You Page in the field here

Click on the "Widget" tab

Step 5:

Copy the following code snippet into a text editor:

Copy the URL from your ZenPlanner account that is highlighted below. (Do Not Use the URL in the Example Below)

Next Step: This is important!!

Paste the URL that you copied in the previous step into your web browser and go to that page. The domain will change when you do this. You need to copy the new domain, and use that for the next step.

In your text editor, replace the FORM_URL_HERE with the URL that you copied from your web browser

The URL should be inside the quotation marks. It will look something like this:

Copy this entire updated code snippet and go to the Page Editor for your optin page.

Integrating the HTML Form with your ClickFunnels Page

1) Click on the Email Settings tab in the Page Editor

2) Select "HTML FORM) from the Integration dropdown

3) Select "Integrate Existing Form" from the Action dropdown

4) Paste your updated code snippet in the "Paste Web Form Code (HTML)" box

5) Click Parse & Save Web Form

Map the ZenPlanner Fields to the Correct ClickFunnels Fields

You will need to manually match up each ZenPlanner field to the corresponding ClickFunnels field. In order for this integration to work, your first and last name fields need to be separate fields.

You can disregard the "idZenPlannerSubmi.." field. This doesn't need to be synced with any ClickFunnels page.

Save the page.

You have successfully integrated your ClickFunnels optin page with your ZenPlanner account.

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