Step 1. Create a MailChimp Integration in ClickFunnels

Note: You must have at least ONE (1) Email List in MailChimp for the integration to work. 

Go to Account -> Integrations - > Add New Integration -> Mailchimp

Step 2. Getting your API Key from Mailchimp

Log into your MailChimp Account

Go to Profile -> Account Settings -> Extras -> API -> Create a Key

Copy the API Key and Paste it into the field labeled "API Key" in ClickFunnels
Then, click on Create Integration button.

Upon successful integration, you'll see the following message at the bottom right corner of the page: 

 Step 3. Integrate Mailchimp With Your Page

Open your page inside the Page Editor.

Under the Settings Tab, locate Integrations

Choose your Mailchimp integration from the list. Now, configure the Action. There are different 4 options:

  • Add To List Segment
  • Remove From List Segment
  • Add To List
  • Remove From List

For the test purposes, we're going to use Add To List action. Next, you select the List you wish your contacts to be added to. Last, you have the option to configure whether the confirmation email will be sent or not to your contacts upon registration.

Useful Tip: If you do not see the name of the list you're looking for in the dropdown menu, try clicking on the Refresh List From API text. This will reload all the Lists from Mailchimp into ClickFunnels.

Note: The Confirmation Email should be set to "Do Not Send" to bypass the double opt-in confirmation requirement in MailChimp.

Now, you just have to test your page and you are good to go!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach to our support team for help!

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