In order to integrate your MadMimi account via API, please complete all of the steps below.

Step 1: Click Add New Integration In Your ClickFunnels Email Integrations Settings

Step 2: Select the MadMimiAPI Integration and Give the Integration a Nickname

Step 3: Add Your MadMimi Account Email Address to the Login Field

Step 4: Login to Your MadMimi Account and Click "Account"

Step 5: Click "API"

Step 6: Copy Your MadMimi API Key

Step 7: Paste the MadMimi API Key in the API Field in ClickFunnels / MadMimi Integration Settings

Step 8: Create a List in Your MadMimi Account

Step 9: Add Your MadMimi Integration to the Email Integration Settings in the Page Editor and Select the Appropriate List

Congratulations. Your ClickFunnels account is now integrated with MadMimi.

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