In this article you will learn how to use the Infusionsoft Campaign Builder to generate a web form that will allow you to integrate your funnel page's opt-in directly into Infusionsoft. This article assumes you have already integrated Infusionsoft with your ClickFunnels account by following Integrating with Infusionsoft (for Email)

Go to Campaign Builder

To get to the Campaign Builder, click on the Infusionsoft logo at the top and click Campaign Builder under the Marketing section.

Add a New Campaign

On the next screen, in the upper right, you will see a button to Add a Campaign. Click that and then name your new campaign in a way that will help you find it easily after you have added many campaigns into Infusionsoft.

Add Sign Up for Newsletter Goal

On the Campaign Builder page, there will be different items on the right that you can drag into the campaign field to build out your campaign. The only one we need for now is under Goals. Drag Sign up for newsletter onto the campaign field.

Open Your New Form

Once you have your goal on the campaign field, double click it to open and edit the form.

Edit First Name Field Configuration

You don't need your form to look fancy, it just needs to have the fields set up that you want for your form. Mouse over the First Name field and click the blue wrench icon to edit the configuration.

Disable Required Status

On the first name field, we recommend you disable the Required status by clicking the switch at the bottom of the options, then click Save.

Make Form Ready

Next in the upper right change the status of the form from Draft to Ready by clicking the switch.

Go Back to Campaign Field

Now in the upper left click Back to Campaign.

Rename Your Form

This step is very important. Rename your form to something unique and recognizable. This is how you will find the form you want to add when integrating Infusionsoft into your funnel page.

Publish Your Campaign

Before your form will be fully available to use, you need to click the Publish button in the upper right of the Campaign Overview.

Confirm Publish

Confirm what you are publishing, this is mainly important in more advanced campaigns to make sure you aren't removing anything you need.

Integrate With ClickFunnels Page

Next open the opt-in page you want to integrate Infusionsoft with and click Email on the right side of the editor. In the dropdown, select your Infusionsoft account integration.

Action - Add Via Web Form

For the Action dropdown, select Add via Web Form.

Select Your New Form

Now where it says List To Add, using the dropdown, select the list you just created. If you don't see it in there, click Refresh List From API.

Congratulations, Your Infusionsoft List is Integrated With the Opt-In Form on Your Page!

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