What you will need:

  • An Infusionsoft Integration
  • An Email Field and Submit Action (for data to transfer via API, you must always have these two fields)
  • Infusionsoft Webform set to "Don't use Google reCAPTCHA for spambot detection." (Please see Step Two below for setup instructions).

Step One: Integrate Infusionsoft with ClickFunnels

Learn how to setup your Infusionsoft Integration Here

Step Two: Setup Your Infusionsoft Webform

  • From within Infusionsoft, navigate to your Campaign Builder.
  • Select the Campaign you wish to connect with ClickFunnels.
  • If you're not on the edit screen, click "Edit" in the top bar.
  • Double click on your Webform to edit. 
  • Click on "Settings."
  • Check "Don't use Google reCAPTCHA for spambot detection."
  • Make sure to Publish your campaign changes. 
  • Click "Publish" again. 

**Please note: This setting must be checked for your Campaign to connect properly with ClickFunnels. If your campaign is NOT setup this way, you may not capture all contacts or some contacts will not proceed through the sequence properly.**

Step Three: Connect Infusionsoft to Your Funnel

  • From within your page editor, under Settings, select "Integrations."
  • Select Infusionsoft as your Integration.
  • Select Add via Web Form as your Action.
  • Select the List to Add from the dropdown menu. 

**Please note: Make sure to save your funnel page after adding the integration.**

Learn to add Infusionsoft to your Product Sales Instead

If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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