ClickFunnels will support almost any auto responder service using the HTML Form Integration option.

By default, there should already be an HTML Email Integration in your account. 

If there isn't, follow the steps below to add a new HTML Email Integration to your account.

You do NOT need more than one HTML integration. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: HTML Email Integrations are not supported on Order pages and may prevent orders from processing successfully.

Adding the HTML Email Integration to Your Optin Pages

Open the Editor then, click Settings, and then click Integrations

  1. Click the Integration dropdown menu and Select the HTML Form Integration.
  2. Select Integrate Existing Form from the Action dropdown menu
  3. Paste your HTML Form Code from your autoresponder
  4. Click Parse & Save Webform

Map Your Form Fields

After you click Parse & Save, it will display a box below the form code that shows all of the form fields it found in the code. 

Click the drop down and match them to the form fields on your page. 

The extra fields from the form can be left as Not Synced as long as they are not set up to be required in your e-mail provider.

After this is set, save the page using the page editor Save button.

Do Not Click Parse & Save Again or it will reset the fields and you will have to match them up again.

You will also need to manually set your thank you page URL inside your autoresponder. 

This URL can be found underneath where you have mapped your form fields or on the funnel dashboard. 

Test your optin page in a new incognito or private browser window and you are ready to go.

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