Create a Signup Form Inside of AWeber

The first thing you have to do in order to have ClickFunnels recognize your AWeber lists is to make sure that you have created a Sign Up form inside of AWeber.

Do not worry about any of the special options when you setup the Sign Up form, as we won't actually be using the form itself.

Please see this article on how to setup a Sign Up form:

Add an AWeber Integration Inside of ClickFunnels

Hover your mouse over Account at the top of your screen and click on Integrations

Click on Add New Integration

Give your integration a Nickname (this is for your reference only) and then select Aweber from the Choose Services dropdown menu.

Click the Connect button to connect to your Aweber account.

Once you have connected your Aweber account, you will be able to select Aweber as the email integration inside the page editor and select the list with which you wish to integrate.

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