This article will help if you:

  • Are uncertain what ‘digital assets’ are inside ClickFunnels.
  • Would like to know the valid file types that can be uploaded to your Digital Assets.
  • Upload files exceed 3 megabytes each.
  • Need to store videos, audios and other files for delivery to your site visitors and members.
  • Want to be certain that your files are accessible when your visitors take action.

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Definition of digital assets

Information in digital form, such as eBooks, videos, audios, images and infographics, is considered a business asset that you can offer to your prospects in exchange for their email address or money.

Your inventory of digital assets can be found on this screen from the ACCOUNT menu (above).

The term ‘digital assets’ is used to cover all of the materials that you can offer your prospects and customers.  Extensions that are valid for your digital assets are:

  • .jpg or .jpeg -- image files are useful when you want to provide visual descriptions.
  • .gif    -- this moving image will be emailed or downloaded when your button is clicked.
  • .png  -- this image file will be sent or downloaded when the button is clicked.
  • .pdf   -- this file type will trigger your browser to open the file immediately.
  • .zip   -- compressed files are automatically downloaded when the button is clicked. (This is a great way to upload file types that aren’t normally supported as they are converted to .zip)
  • .txt    -- almost anyone can open a text file which will not contain command language.
  • .csv  -- comma-separated values are imported into spreadsheets and other systems.
  • .xls   -- Excel spreadsheets are valid digital assets that can be sent to your subscribers.

To find the link for your digital asset, you will click on “EDIT” on the digital asset list.  This screen will appear.

This screen is the same place where you find the “remove asset” to delete your digital asset from your account.  This is a permanent delete, which cannot be reversed unless you upload the same asset again from an external source.

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Description of Fields:

  • Name -- Descriptive title for your file that will be visible in your list of digital assets.
  • Upload File (Max 3mb) -- Choose the file from your computer hard drive.
  • From Name -- Recipient will see this name in the email inbox after requesting your digital asset.
  • From Email -- Address that might receive replies from your recipients.
  • Message -- Text that will be in the body of your email.  You can reduce questions by providing information about how to use the digital asset.

Large files must be stored on an external storage site, such as Amazon S3 or a similar service. Links to your digital asset can be inserted in email messages or on your funnel steps.

Test the Digital Asset:

  • Follow the exact process you want your visitors and subscribers to use when they request a copy of your information.
  • Subscribe to receive the automatic email.
  • Click on the download button on your page.  Open the file and view.
  • Listen to your audio file.
  • Watch every video to ensure each one is accessible.
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