There are different ways you can deliver your digital assets to a customer. You can learn about them in this video:

First of all, you can send this digital asset automatically once somebody opts in on the page.
In order to do that, enter the page editor, select this digital asset in the general settings and save the page:

You can also add the link to it to a button, text or an email to be available for download when somebody clicks on them.
In order to do that you have to go to Account -- Digital assets:

Select the digital asset you want to get the link for, click "Edit" and copy the Path to Current File:

Once you do that, you can paste this URL to an email of yours or add it to a button or text.

For the emails you simply paste the link in the email.

If you want to attach it to a button, set button's action to "Go to Website URL" and paste the path to this digital asset there:

If you want to attach it to a text, you will have to hyperlink that text and paste the path to this digital asset there:

After you do that, you will be able to deliver digital assets to your customers!

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