**This article is ONLY for domains that have been setup via the manual setup method**

** Warning **
Please read through each step of this article carefully. Most errors during the setup process are caused by not following the instructions as outlined in this article. Following these instructions to the letter will help insure that you do not have any issues with this process.

Important Notes - Please Read Prior

This article is for your domains that already exist inside ClickFunnels but your domain path with "www" does not work. 

If you have not already setup your domain inside ClickFunnels you will need to follow the below articles, depending on the type of setup you desire:

Automatic Custom Domain and Subdomain Setup (Beginner)

Custom Domain Manual Setup (Advanced)


Step #1: Login To Cloudflare

Step #2: Navigate to The Right Domain

Step #3: Navigate to "Page Rules"

Step #4: Create a "Page Rule"

Step #5: Setup Your Rule

After you click Create Page Rule. That will pull up the following window.

  1. Type in your domain name in the following format: www.yourdomain.com/*
  2. Select Forwarding URL from the dropdown menu.
  3. Select 301 - Permanent Redirect from the dropdown menu.
  4. Re-enter your domain in the following format: https://yourdomain.com/$1
  5. Then click Save and Deploy.

Note: You need to replace "yourdomain" with your actually domain eg. iloveclickfunnel.com or go.iloveclickfunnels.com

Step #6: Test Your Domain

You can now test your new setup with www.yourdomain.com.

Remember: Please always use the incognito browser for testing purposes.

Happy Funnel Building!

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