The root page for your domain is a page that is set to be the default page that will display when you use the exact base URL in the browser. For example "" or ""

The 404 page is the page that will display when someone navigates to a URL that does not exist on your domain. 

Step #1 - Open the "edit" window for your custom domain and select the page you wish to use for the "root of URL" in the dropdown box

Step #2 - While you are in the "edit" window for your domain, you can set the 404 page in the same way

How do I make a 404 page?

You can easily make a custom 404/error page from our easy to customise templates.

If you create a new funnel step and navigate to the "misc" tab when selecting your template, you will find a few ready to go 404 pages. 

If you have any trouble with this please feel free to contact us at support.

Happy Funnel Building!

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