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Please read through each step of this article carefully. Most errors during the setup process are caused by not following the instructions as outlined in this article. Following these instructions to the letter will help insure that you do not have any issues with this process.

This article is for registering new domains to use with your clickfunnels account. 

If you have an existing website that you want to keep, please follow this article instead: Setting up a Custom Subdomain for a domain you already own.

Step 1:  Go to Domain Settings

 After logging into your clickfunnels account  you want to navigate to the custom domain settings under your account settings

Step 2:  Go to Add New Domain 

Step 3:  Go to Find Your Domain 

Step 4:  Search for an available domain 

Here you want to type in the word or phrase you would like to use for your domain. After you have entered your text a list of available extensions will show. Click on the
price or the get now button to the right of the domain you would like to use.

*NOTE* You get one free domain with your clickfunnels account, if you have already used your free domain you can get additional domains  and their price will be listed next to the domain.

Step 5:  Verify Your Domain

In this step we will verify that the domain you selected is available and start to prepare it. Here you will want to review the terms and select the Use free domain button if this is your first domain.

If you have already used your free domain this will be a purchase button instead. 

You will now be taken through a series of one click steps to make sure everything is connected and secure.  There can be a delay of several minutes between these steps but if you are not able to get past them please reach out to our support team. 

Step 6:  Configure Your Funnel Domain

The last step in this process is to configure your ClickFunnels pages.

For more information on this, see this article.

Your custom domain setup is now complete.

NOTE: DO NOT remove these THREE (3) DNS Records in your Account > Domains > Zone Editor

If you have any questions about your setup, please contact support by clicking the bubble on the bottom right hand side of the page. 

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