What you will need:

  • A domain registered outside of ClickFunnels
  • Access to your Registrar DNS Records or Zone Editor

**Please note: these guides are intended to connect your Root Domain (www.domain.com) with ClickFunnels. If you wish instead to connect a subdomain instead, please visit the appropriate guide here.** 

**Important note: a CNAME record can only point to one destination, so if you do wish to use your Root Domain for your funnels, please bare in mind it will ONLY point to your funnels and not to an external website.**

Step One: Locate Your Registrar Below

  • Using the list below, click on your registrar and follow along with the instructions on how to create your CNAME record. 

BlueHost: How to add your CNAME record to BlueHost

Cloudflare: How to add your CNAME record to CloudFlare

Dreamhost: How to add your CNAME record to Dreamhost

GoDaddy: How to add your CNAME record to GoDaddy

Google Domains: How to add your CNAME record to Google Domains

Namecheap: How to add your CNAME record to Namecheap

Siteground: How to add your CNAME record to Siteground

Shopify: How to add your CNAME record to your Shopify Domain using Opensrs

1and1:  How to add your CNAME record to 1and1.com

**Please note: If you do not see your Registrar listed above, our support agents will be unable to provide assistance.**

Step Two: Working In Another Registrar

**Important note: since we are unable to support all registrars, these general directions are intended to assist with the CNAME record creation. It is recommended you contact the help desk of your domain registrar to assist with record creation following these instructions.**

  • From within your domain Registrar, navigate to your DNS Records. Depending on your Host, this may be in an Advanced Zone Editor, DNS Records, or somewhere else entirely. 
  • In your DNS Records, you should find a "www" CNAME record pointing to your Root Domain
  • Click to Edit that Record.
  • Replace your domain with "target.clickfunnels.com" (no quotes). 
  • Save your changes. 
  • If unsure whether changes were made, check on your domain propagation here.
  • If it is still not propagating, please contact your Registrar's Support for assistance.

**Please note: it can take 24-48 hours for DNS Records to fully propagate.**

If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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