What is a Domain?

Domain names are easy-to-remember words that we can use to communicate to a DNS server the website we want to visit. Learn about DNS servers here.

A Domain Name Is Not the Same as a URL

A domain is a single part of a larger internet address called a URL.
Clickfunnels.com is an example of a domain.
Clickfunnels.com/dashboard is an example of URL including the clickfunnels domain. The /dashboard is the pathway of the page. 

A domain can only be used in one location at a time.

A domain can only be utilized within one hosting service at a time. If you are utilizing a domain on a external website or store, you cannot also use it within Clickfunnels. What you can utilize, is a subdomain.
Learn about subdomains here. 

How do I setup a domain name with Clickfunnels?

Option 1: I would like to purchase my domain name through Clickfunnels directly!

Here is a step by step guide to show you how.

Option 2: I already have a domain name purchased, I would like to connect it with my funnel!

Here is a step by step guide to show you how.

If you require further assistance, you can click the support icon in the bottom-right corner of this page.

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