This article will help if your:

  • Custom domain says “Verify”
  • ‘Verify’ button is visible on the custom domain.
  • 'Unlocked' padlock is visible on custom domain screen
  • Funnel is displaying a ‘Domain SSL Certificate is still Authorizing - https:// URLs with error until authorization is complete.’
  • Domain is displaying a Security error. 

ClickFunnels Page:   Domains

For All Custom Domains: 

  • Must be added from inside ClickFunnels.
  • Can be registered outside ClickFunnels - and CNAME records are added in the DNS zone at the registrar.
  • For domains registered inside ClickFunnels - the CNAME records will be added to the DNS zone inside your ClickFunnels custom domain screen - under SETTINGS.
  • Inside your registrar, create a redirect on your ‘root domain’ to point to your
  • The funnel must be connected to the domain -- see Step 3.
  • Nameservers remain at the defaults.
  • Domains can no longer be inside your CloudFlare account.

Special Notes for Subdomains:

  • Subdomains do not start with ‘www’.
  • The CNAME record is added in the registrar, or ClickFunnels.
  • No redirect is necessary for the subdomain.
  • The subdomain must be connected to the default page, or funnel - see Step 3.

Step 1: Check to see that your CNAME record is correct.

You will want to visit this website - and test your CNAME record[domain]

Input your domain at the end of the URL.

if your cname record is setup correctly - you will see GREEN checkmarks next to the countries in the list.

Continue to Step 2.

If you see RED 'x's next to the countries, contact the support desk at your registrar before contacting ClickFunnels Support.

Step 2: Click on the VERIFY button the domain.

Once you click on ‘VERIFY’ you will see this screen!

The custom domain setup is completed in stages that will be completed from this series of screens. You will press on each BLUE button as the screens change.  When the custom domain has been added correctly, and the CNAME record exists, this process will complete.

Attach your funnel

Use the dropdown window to select the first page in your funnel.  This action will attach your custom domain to your funnel.  Click on ASSOCIATE FUNNEL to save your change.

Step 3: Setup SSL Certificate

On your Custom Domains screen, you will click on the 'gear' at the right end of the row (next to your custom domain).

This screen will appear.

When your custom domain is setup correctly, this SSL certificate will be issued and connected to your custom domain in a few minutes.

If this takes more than a few minutes, verify that you have setup your CNAME records correctly to point to before contacting support.


Step 4: Connect Your Funnel to the Custom Domain

Once your ‘VERIFY’ button is gone from the custom domains page, you will want to connect your ‘Default Page’ inside your settings.

  • You will want to return to the custom domains page inside ClickFunnels.
  • Go to the SETTINGS on your domain
  • And select a default page for your custom domain to point to your funnel.


Test Your Custom Domain Setup:

Before you contact support, please take a couple of minutes to test your custom domain.

  1. In an incognito browser window, copy your custom domain into the top line and press <enter>. 
  2. Repeat the same process with the ‘www’ version of your domain.
  3. These tests should not include any page path.
  4. For the subdomain, use an incognito browser window and copy your subdomain into your browser window.

Revisit any steps that apply in the above process if the result was not correct.

Please review your custom domain setup for mistakes before contacting support.

Refer to these documents for further assistance with your custom domain setup.

Custom Domains

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