**Important Note**

If you do not have a Click Funnels account, you can still promote as an affiliate.

Please register as an affiliate here if you do not have a Click Funnels subscription:

Click Here to Signup as an Click Funnels Affiliate

Existing Affiliates who DO NOT have a Click Funnels account, Click Here to Login


We have recently introduced the new Click Funnels Affiliate Area.

The new affiliate area uses the same version of Backpack that Click Funnels customers are able to use with the Click Funnels Suite and will soon replace the old version of Backpack CRM that affiliates used previously.

If you have a Click Funnels affiliate account with the older version of Backpack CRM, your links will still track and be active for the next few months.

You will also continue to receive commissions for any referrals made under the older version of Backpack CRM.

However, you should begin to update all of your affiliate links with the new affiliate links.

**See this article for more information regarding promotion guidelines and commission structure.

Affiliate Promotion of ClickFunnels

Affiliate ID

The affiliate IDs in the new affiliate area and the old affiliate area are different.

However, your old affiliate ID is connected to your new affiliate ID internally.

Logging In To the New Affiliate Area

Login to the affiliate area by hovering your mouse over "My Account" in the navigation bar and selecting "Affiliates".

Affiliate Dashboard

When you first login to the affiliate area, you will be taken to the affiliate dashboard.

  1. Click here to edit your profile
  2. Click here to get your affiliate tools
  3. Download your detailed commissions
  4. See your total leads
  5. See your total buyers
  6. See your total commissions

Welcome To the Affiliate Area

When you first login, you will see the following:

  1. Dream Car Promotion (Limited Time Promotion)

    Your Dream Car Promotion progress can be seen on this bar.

    The more affiliates that you refer, the further your car will progress towards the Blue and Green flags.

    The Blue Flag (a) represents 100 referrals and the Green Flag (b) represents 200 referrals.

  2. Dream Car Promotion Rules

    Click this button to see the promotion rules. You can also visit this link: Dream Car Promotion Rules

  3. Stats

    Here is another view of your affiliate stats.

    c) Number of users who have used your link to sign up for the webinar

    d) Number of users who have started the account creation process but have not entered Credit Card details

    e) Number of users who have successfully created an account, but are still in a free trial or have not become a paid subscriber

    f) Number of users who have successfully become a paying ClickFunnels member.

    g) Total Commissions paid to you.

  4. Download

    This is another place to download your csv report.

Promoting ClickFunnels

  1. Select the link that is marked "Promote This One". (This should be selected by default).

  2. Add any sub ID that you wish for your own tracking purposes (optional)

  3. Add any sub ID that you wish for your own tracking purposes (optional)

  4. If the Toggle Autoplay option is selected it will disable autoplay on any video on the landing page.

  5. If the Toggle Popups option is selected, it will disable any exit intent trigger on popups on the page.

  6. Copy your complete affiliate link here.

  7. Access email swipes here.

  8. Access banner creatives here.

Free Training From Todd Brown

There is a 39:58 long video with training from Todd Brown on how to get 100 ClickFunnels members in 30 days at the bottom of the affiliate page.

You can also watch the video below.

Affiliate Support

If you have any questions and would like to contact our support staff, please see this article here: 

How to Optimize Your ClickFunnels Support Experience

When contacting support please mention that this is a ClickFunnels Affiliate issue.

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