In this article, you will learn how to use the Redirect Override feature built into each page. This feature allows you to redirect to any URL you want, instead of just the next page in the funnel. This is very useful when you want to capture an e-mail before sending someone to an affiliate link or to another funnel.

Open Up Redirect Override Settings

To set your Redirect Override, in the Page Editor, go to Settings -> General.

Enter Your Redirect URL

Next you will enter the URL of where you want your visitor to go after they have opted in into the "On Submit Go To" field.

You can type the URL, or copy and paste it into the field using your keyboard shortcuts (CTRL+C / Ctrl+V on PC, CMD+C / CMD+V on Mac). Please do not use your mouse or browser menus to copy and paste as it will not save.

Save The Page

After you have entered your redirect URL, save the page in the editor and the redirect will be set.

Note: Make sure to test your page to verify the redirect works properly for you and that everything is being tracked.

Congratulations, Your Redirect Override is Set!

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