You can add custom text to your page using the Headline / Text element.

Double click the Headline / Text element to add it to your page.

Once the element is added, you can change the alignment, bold text, and add links.


Element Name – Add the name for your text element to help better organize.

Element ID – Add a unique ID for your element.

Margin Top – Add some space on the top of your element.

Padding Sides – Change the padding on the Left and Right.

Text Color – Change the text color using the color picker

Bold Color – Change the bold color.

Alignment – Change the alignment of the text; center, left or right.


Text Size – Change the text size from a variety of sizes.

Line Height – Change the space between each line of text.

Font – Change the font for this specific element.

Text Shadow – Add text shadow to your content.

Icon – Add an icon to the left of your text.


Animation – See the article on "Animation" for more information.

Updates - Please see this article about the latest updates to the Text Element Settings

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