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With the Single Image element you can add custom images to your page.

Select the Single Image Element

Single Image Placeholder

Once you add the element you will first get a default placeholder image with 350 x 150 size. You can customize your image in the settings panel.

Single Image Configuration

Element Name – Add a name for your element.

Element ID – Unique id for for custom CSS.

Margin Top – Add space on the top of your element.

Image URL – Add the URL to your image or click the plus icon to add your own media.

Image Width – Give your image a custom width.

Image Height – Give your image a custom height.

Image Link Options

Link URL – Either the URL you want the image to link to, or one of the ClickFunnels actions such as #open-popup or #next-url#. Controls what happens when the image is clicked.

Link URL Target – Normal: Opens the link/action in the same tab/window you are in. New Tab/Window: Opens the link in a new tab/window

Single Image Styles

Align – Align your image within the column it is in. Left, Right and Center.

Radius – Add rounded corners to your image. Choose a Circle or Rounded Corners.

Border – Choose to have a light or dark border.

Shadow – Choose to have a light, full or dark drop shadow.

Opacity – Choose the transparency for your image.

Grey Scale – Make your image black and white.

Animations – Check the Animations page for more information.

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