You can add a featured image with text aligned next to the image. You can also change the layout and position of the image.

Add an Image Feature Element

The Image Feature Placeholder

Image Feature Configuration

Element Name – Add a name for your element.

Element ID – Unique id for for custom CSS.

Margin Top – Add space to the top of the element.

Headline Color – Change the color of your headline.

Text Color – Change the color of the text.

Image URL – Add URL for image or upload image.

Width and Height – Add a custom width and height to your image.

Image Feature Styles

Headline Size – The font size for the main headline.

Headline Font – Font for the headline.

Text Size – The font size for your content text.

Image Radius – Add rounded corners or circle for image.

Image Border – Add a light or dark border to your image.

Image Shadows – Add a shadow to your image.

Layout – Choose the layout of your main feature. Text / Image or Image / Text

Column Sizes – Change the width of the columns for your image and text.

Animations – Check the animations page for more information.

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