This article will cover how add a FAQ Block to your page. A FAQ Block is great for featuring any frequently asked questions your leads and customers give you right on your page. They can often be used to overcome objections a potential customer might have before they buy from you.

First Add A New Section

You can add a new section by either clicking Add New Section on the page, or going into the Sections tab on the right side toolbar and clicking Add New Section.

Next Add Row and Container

Once you have a Section, you will need to add a Row and Container. The container allows you to separate elements across a single row with different widths.

Add The FAQ Block Element

Once you have the Row and Container, you will be able to add the element. Click Add Element and choose FAQ Block.

Set Up Your FAQ Block

The next step is to set up your FAQ Block according to the colors you want your FAQs displayed as.

Element Name -- Add a name for your element.

Element ID -- Unique id for for custom CSS.

Margin Top -- Add space on the top of your element.

Question Color -- What color the text of the Questions in your FAQ will display as.

Answer Color -- What color the text of the Answers in your FAQ will display as.


The styles section will allow you to move where your element is on the page as well as change the shape, add borders and or shadows.

Question Size -- The font size of the Questions in your FAQ.

Headline Font -- The font you would like to use for the Questions in your FAQs

Text Size -- The font size of the Answers in your FAQ.


Animations allow you to draw attention to different elements on your page through movements and fades.

Animation -- Choose the different animation settings. Please check the article on "Animations" for more information on animations.

Write Your FAQs

Once you have your display settings in place, it is time to write your FAQs. The easiest way to add more FAQs beyond the first is to click the copy button on the element. Just mouse over the FAQ until it turns Orange and the copy button will be in the upper right corner as in the image below.

Congratulations, you now have set up a FAQ Block on your page.

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