With the Button element you can add a multi-functional button to your page. It's fully customizable and you can have it be a link, give it an action to scroll to an ID on the page, or use it to submit a form on your page.

Add a Button Element


Element Name – Add a name for your element.

Element ID – Unique id for for custom CSS.

Margin Top – Add space on the top of your element.

Text – The text for your button.

Sub Text – Add smaller text on your button.

URL / Action – Add a URL for a link or #submit-form to submit a form or scroll to a element id.

Text Color – Choose the color of the text.

Background Color – Choose the background of your color.


Style – Choose the button style.

Size – Change the size of your button text. Small, Medium and Large.

Width – Change the width of your button. Fluid will fit the text and full width option.

Font – Choose the font for this specific element.

Display – Have your button display as a block element or display in-line with text.

Icon – Add an icon to your button.

Align – Align your image within the column it is in. Left, Right and Center.

Text Shadow – Choose to have a light or dark text shadow.

Shadow – Choose to have a light, full or dark drop shadow.

Animations – Check the Animations page for more information.

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